what leonlite® Pros are saying

Alex Rivera, Larana Event Lighting, Houston, TX
"I've consistently been impressed with the quality of their lighting products and the exceptional level of customer service they offer. My dealings with Leonlite® span several years, during which I've spent a significant amount on their lighting solutions for various projects. I've particularly appreciated the durability and moisture resistance of their fixtures, which is a testament to their quality manufacturing. The drop-in down lights are among my favorite products due to their easy installation process, long wire, and included surface mount. Based on my positive experiences and the reliable performance of their products, I plan to continue my business relationship with Leonlite® for all my future lighting needs."
Casey Morgan, Charmlight Residential Lighting Solutions
"Working with Leonlite® to source lighting for Charmlight's residential projects has been an absolute pleasure. Their wide range of high-quality products, coupled with their exceptional customer service, has significantly enhanced our offerings. The durability and design of Leonlite® fixtures, especially their well lights and spotlights, have received rave reviews from our clients for their performance and ease of installation. What's more, Leonlite®'s commitment to fast shipping ensures our projects stay on schedule. Their reliability and quality have made Leonlite a valued partner for Charmlight, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship."
Jordan Michaels, Creative Home LLC, Seattle, WA
"Having partnered with Leonlite® for the lighting needs of Creative Home LLC, I've been nothing short of amazed by the exceptional quality of their products and the outstanding customer service. Over the years, our investments in Leonlite®'s lighting solutions have significantly enhanced the ambiance and functionality of the spaces we design. Their products have proven to be incredibly durable and effective in keeping moisture at bay, crucial for the Seattle climate. The drop-in down lights, in particular, have become a staple in our projects for their versatility, ease of installation, and the quality of light they provide, and their swift shipping ensures our projects stay on track. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration."


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